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A Lifetime of Vermont People by Peter Miller (Silver Print Press)

About the Book

Peter Miller was 16 years old in 1950 when he first photographed rural Vermonters. He had his guns stolen and with the insurance money he bought a twin lens reflex for $160. He has been a photographer of rural Vermonters for the 63+ years since. His photographs have appeared in photographs in Vermont People,Vermont Farm Women and Vermont Gathering Places.

The very best of his Vermont portraits and profiles are in A Lifetime of Vermont People. 203 photographs illustrate the 60 profiles of rural Vermonters, the type of people that Peter grew up with and came to admire. The book reflects the integrity of the Vermonters that look out at you from each page, and describe their lives and their love for Vermont.

A Lifetime of Vermont People includes the iconic photographs from Miller's previous books, Vermont People and Vermont Farm Women, and many new photos never-before published. This book captures the spectrum of the people who live in the small towns and hillsides of rural Vermont. It's a record, a documentary of the culture of Vermont as Miller has lived it since 1950. It's a valuable book, for generations of Vermonters will understand their responsibility to maintaining the character of the state, its traditions and particularly honesty towards the land and its people.

About the Author

Peter Miller is a writer and photographer who lives in Colbyville, Vermont. He is Vermont's best known photographer, mainly because of his iconic books, Vermont People and Vermont Farm Women. He has written eight books in total, which have won five national awards. Peter's interest is to convey a sense of place—the history of a region—through the people. His photographs are intimate; some call them environmental portraits. His writing is terse and reflects careful research and interviews. His books are a document of Vermont's rural culture.

Peter received an AB in literature from the University of Toronto, where he met the famous portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh and became his assistant as he photographed leading intellectuals and artists, including Picasso, Schweitzer, Steinbeck, Camus, Augustus John and others. He has been a Signal Corps photographer in the U.S. Army, a reporter for LIFE Magazine, a ski editor, and a freelance photographer and writer. He maintains a studio in his large farmhouse on Route 100, which is next to Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory.

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Jacket cover courtesy of Silver Print Press. Author photo: Peter Miller.