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Reginald T. Townsend Award

In 1952, the New England Society established the Reginald T. Townsend Award, named for its 64th President, to recognize outstanding achievement representing the finest attributes of the New England character. Award recipients have represented excellence in a wide range of fields, from the sciences, academia and letters, to politics and the arts. To date, the Award has been presented to the following individuals:

1952 Wilmot Brookings Mitchell    American history scholar and Bowdoin College professor
1953 Lloyd D. Brace Chairman of the Board, First National Bank of Boston
1954 Clare Leighton Artist, writer and illustrator
1955 Samuel Chamberlain Printmaker, artist, photographer and writer
1956 Joseph Nye Welch

Attorney and lead counsel for the U.S. Army for the
McCarthy Hearings

1957 James G. Blaine

Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention
from Rhode Island in 1912

1958 Herbert Ross Brown Literary scholar and editor, The New England Quarterly
1959 Robert Cutler

U.S. Government official and the first person to serve as
National Security Advisor (Eisenhower Administration)

1960 Hon. John Davis Lodge

John_Davis_Lodge79th Governor of Connecticut and U.S. Ambassador
to Argentina, Spain and Switzerland


Robb Sagendorph

Townsend_-_Robb_SagendorfFounder and President of Yankee, Inc., publishers
of The Old Farmer's Almanac

1962 Francis T. P. Plimpton

Diplomat; partner at the law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton
and President of the New York City Bar Association

1963 Rosemary Park American History scholar and President of Connecticut College
1963 Walter Muir Whitehill

Author, historian and the Director and Librarian of the
Boston Athenaeum

1964 Douglas Horton

Protestant clergyman and advocate for inter-church
relations; a founding contributor to the National
Council of Churchesand the World Council of

1964 Harold Jefferson Coolidge

Zoologist and a founding director of the International Union
for the Conservation of Nature and the World Wildlife Fund

1965 Paul Dudley White, MD

Cardiologist and founding member of the National Heart
Institute and of the American Heart Association;
President Dwight David Eisenhower’s physician

1966 Frank L. Boyden Headmaster of Deerfield Academy
1967 Hon. Leverett Saltonstall 55th Governor of Massachusetts and U.S. SenatorLeverettSaltonstall


Samuel Eliot Morison

Townsend_-_Samuel_Eliot_MorisonRear Admiral, U.S. Naval Reserve and American
maritime historian.

1969 John Sloan Dickey U.S. Diplomat, scholar and President of Dartmouth College
1970 Edward M. Fuller II 79th New England Society President


Dr. Mary I. Bunting

Townsend_-_Dr._Mary_I._BuntingRadcliffe College’s fifth President and responsible for
fully integrating women into Harvard University

1973 Calvin Hastings Plimpton, MD

Physician and educator, President of the American
University of Beirut and Amherst College, where
he was responsible for admitting women

1975 John N. Cole

Author and journalist; founder an editor of Maine Times,
editor The Bath-Brunswick Times and The Kennebunk Star

1976 Eric Sloane

Hudson River School landscape painter and author of
illustrated works of cultural history and folklore

1977 Edward A. Weeks Editor, The Atlantic
1978 Hon. William S. Cohen

U.S. politician, represented Maine in the House of
457px-William_Cohen_official_portraitRepresentatives, and served as Secretary of Defense
(Clinton Administration)

1979 Brendan Gill Author and writer for The New Yorker
1980 Walter Hoving President and Chairman, Tiffany & Co.
1981 Louis Auchincloss Townsend_-_Louis_AuchinclossNovelist, historian and essayist
1982 Hon. Kingman Brewster

President of Yale University and U.S. Ambassador
to Kingman_Brewster_Jrthe Court of St. James

1983 Dr. Nathan Marsh Pusey

President of Lawrence College and 24th President
of Harvard University


Moorhead C. Kennedy

U. S. Diplomat; captive during the Iranian Hostage Crisis
until his freedom was negotiated by Presdient Jimmy Carter

1985 Arlene Francis

Townsend_-_Arlene_FrancisActress, radio talk show host, and television
game show panelist on Whats My Line?

1986 George Plimpton

Journalist, writer, editor and actor; founder of the
800px-George_Plimpton_1987literary magazine The Paris Review

1987 Richard Purdy Wilbur

American poet; Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the
Library of Congress and two-time winner of the
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

1988 William F. Buckley, Jr. 

Author, commentator and journalist; founder of the political 404px-William_F._Buckley_Jr._1985
magazine National Review and host of the television
show Firing Line

1989 Dominick Dunne Novelist and investigative reporter Dominick_Dunne
1990 Harrison E. Salisbury

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist; first regular New
York Times 
correspondent in Moscow after
World War II

1991 Cleveland Amory

Author; youngest editor of The Saturday Evening Post; animal
rights activist; founder of Fund for Animals Fund and
President of the New England Anti-vivisection Society

1992 Ruth Warrick

Film actress known for her role in Citizen Kane, and Ruth_Warwick_Phoebe_Tyler_1973
All My Children soap opera star; political activist

1993 Francis T. "Fay" Vincent, Jr. 

Lawyer and sports executive who served as the Fay_Vincenteighth
Commisioner of Major League Baseball

1994 Hon. Joseph Verner Reed

U.S. Ambassador to Morocco; Chief of Protocol of
the White House (George H.W. Bush Administration)
and noted conservationist

1995 Walter Cronkite

Walter_CronkitePeabody award-winning broadcast journalist and
anchorman for CBS Evening News

1996 Hon. Everett Ellis Briggs

U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, Panama and Portugal;
served on the National Security Council
(George H.W. Bush Administration)

1997 William Charles Beutel Broadcast journalist; ABC News anchor
1998 Charles E. Pierce, Jr. 

Director of The Morgan Library and Museum for Charles_E_Pierce_Headshotjpgover
40 years

1999 Samuel Sachs II

Museum Director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Samuel_Sachs_II_1999
the Detroit Institute of Arts and The Frick Collection

2000 Anne Hawley Director, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Anne_Hawley_Accepts_Townsend_2000
2001 David McCullough

Townsend_-_David_McCulloughAuthor, narrator and historian; two-time winner of
the Pulitzer Prize for his books Truman and John Adams

2002 Charles Scribner IV Chairman of publishing house Charles Scribner & Sons
which was founded by his great grandfather in 1846
2003 Charles Osgood

Townsend_-_Charles_OsgoodRadio (The Osgood File on CBS Radio Network) and
television (CBS News Sunday Morning) commentator

2004 James M. Fowler

Author and naturalist, Emmy award-winning television
host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

2005 Samuel A. Waterston

Townsend_-_Sam_WaterstonActor, producer and director, noted for his portrayal of
Jack McCoy on NBC's Law & Order

2006 Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

Urban planner, landscape architect and foundingElizabeth_Barlow_Rogers_Townsend
member of the Central Park Conservancy

2007 Hon. William F. Weld

WilliamWeld68th Governor of Massachusetts and federal prosecutor
in the U.S. Justice Department

2008 Hon. George E. Pataki pataki53rd Governor of New York and a noted attorney
2009 Lesley Stahl

stahlnewAuthor and television journalist, reporting for
CBS on 60 Minutes

2010 Tom Chappell

tom_chappellAuthor, environmentalist and co-founder of natural
care products company Tom's of Maine, and natural
wool clothing company Rambler's Way

2011 Charles Kittredge

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crane & Co.KittredgeC

2012 Leigh R. Keno
& Leslie B. Keno
American antiques experts 00-_leigh_and_leslie_keno_web
2013 Deborah & Charles Royce