New England Society Book Awards Nomination


New England Society Book Awards Nomination

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Entry fee of $50 and six (6) copies of the book are required. 

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The New England Society Book Awards are designed to recognize books that honor New England culture and to help expand the audience for these books. The awards are presented by the New England Society in the City of New York (NES), one of the oldest social, charitable and cultural organizations in the United States. To qualify for consideration for the NES Book Awards, nominated titles must be about New England or set in New England. 

Awards are given in the following categories: 

o    Fiction – including mystery, detective, fantasy, romance, graphic novel and science fiction. 
o    Nonfiction – including history, biography and autobiography. 
o    Art & Photography – including illustration, photography or art.
o    Specialty Title – including but not limited to cookbooks, poetry, textbooks, etc. 


1.    Books must be about New England or set in New England, with a first publication in 2017. 
2.    Self-published books (Lulu, CreateSpace, etc.) are not eligible.  Further, books are considered self-published when the author is the publisher, or when a company has been specifically set up to publish that book.
3.    An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is required. 
4.    Reprints of books published in another year are not eligible. 
5.    Books containing previously published material are eligible only if the majority of the content is new material. 
6.    Anthologies containing work written by multiple authors are not eligible. 
7.    Only books by living authors can be considered. If the author is deceased, the book is not eligible.
8.    An English translation of a book previously written in another language is not eligible. 
9.    The final decision on a book’s eligibility is made by the New England Society Book Awards Committee, and its decision will be binding. 
10.    Entry fees will not be refunded for ineligible submissions, and the New England Society is unable to return copies of ineligible books. 

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Questions? Call NES at (212) 297-2194. Submission deadline December 1, 2017.