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Founders' Day

Founders’ Day is an annual celebration honoring the Society’s long, distinguished history. The 2015 Founders' Day celebration will take place on Wednesday, May 13, from 6 - 9 p.m., at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse (East 72nd Street near 5th Avenue). NES members and their guests will enjoy cocktails, dancing, music and hors d’oeuvres in a beautiful new-to-NES venue. Invitations will be mailed in early April. Check back soon for more details! 

Photos from the 2014, 2013 and 2012 events can be found below.

The Tradition of Founders’ Day

The New England Society (NES) was founded in 1805 when Thomas Jefferson was President of the U.S. and the population of New York was 75,770. One of the oldest social and charitable organizations in the country, NES was established to promote “friendship, charity and mutual assistance” among and on behalf of New Englanders living in New York. NES honors the New England heritage through programs such as its scholarship fund for New York City students matriculating in New England, through its annual Book Award for books that celebrate New England, and through its social activities for members and guests. NES held its first official gathering on May 6, 1805 at the City Hotel. Seventy people attended and officers were duly elected, including the first President James Watson. The early activities were focused on two areas: social programs such as the Annual Festival commemorating the landing of the Pilgrims, and charitable works, such as distributing firewood to needy New England families in New York. Though these initiatives have evolved over time, the founding tenets of “friendship, charity and mutual assistance” have remained constant for over 200 years.


Courtesy of Annie Watt. To view the full set and purchase photos, visit Annie's website

DSC_4553-Judy_Bliss_Matthew_Rimi_Lindsey_Mullholand  DSC_4556-Merrie_Martinson_Stephen_J_Storen  DSC_4557-Steven_Hedberg_Susan_Carr_Hickett

DSC_4557-Steven_Hedberg_Susan_Carr_Hickett  DSC_4586-Countess_Dagmar_De_Brantes_Bruce_Lau  DSC_4590-_Mary_Latimer-Chung_Harry_Chung

DSC_4594-Ellen_Scordato  DSC_4600-Monique_Rinere_Benedict_Gedaminski  DSC_4625-Stephen_Candland

DSC_4627-John_Dewey_Lauren_Silberman  DSC_4635-Ron_Romaine_Katherine_Kinchelor_Andrew_Bauer  DSC_4647-Melissa_Zack_Lindsey_Mullholand_Terry_Smart_-_Copy

DSC_4630-Patricia_Rosenberg_Peter_Laboe       DSC_4680-Hilda_Neis_and_Arnold_Neis       DSC_4739--Peggy_Ellis_Walter_Bottger

DSC_4650-Melissa_Zack_Dan_Ladner_Lindsey_Mullholand  DSC_4659-Susan_Nigro_Douglas_Kiddie_Douglas_Winston  DSC_4662--Dorothy_Harbeck_Karen_Harbeck

D_4550-Lindsey_Mullholand_Judy_Bliss_Stephen_J_Storen_NES_President_Anne_Hall_Elser_Peter_LeBeau    DSC_4857-Mary_Latimer-Chung_Anna_Bulkot_Sunny_Hayaward.JPG    DSC_4818--Tom_Hills_Caroline_Olsen_Hans_Olsen_Colleen_Hills.JPG

DSC_4816-Alex_Donner__Jan_Whitman_Ogden_Tad_Ogden  DSC_4809  DSC_4807-Thomas_Krouwer_Lorna_Livingston

DSC_4803-Arnold_Neis_Bill_Greenspan.JPG  DSC_4791-Lauren_Whitehead_Ariel_Merrick  DSC_4793-Jonathan_and_Beth_Bean

DSC_4789-Terry_Smart_John_Cupschalk.JPG  DSC_4782-Sara_Hunter_Hudson_and_Ron_Gold  DSC_4776-Karen_Harbeck_Dorothy_Harbeck_Ellen_Scordato_Merrie_Martinson_Oksana_Tikhonova

DSC_4772-Allison_MacEachron_Fred__MacEachron______  DSC_4771-___________Mary_Latimer-Chung  DSC_4769-_______Lindsey_Mullholand

DSC_4765--_Max_Sinsteden_Jessica_McShane_Edward_Johnston.JPG    DSC_4760-_Jan_Whitman_Ogden    DSC_4755-Anne_Hall_Elser_Benedict_Gedaminski

DSC_4748-Lucy_Kirk_John_Kilbourne  DSC_4665-Henry__Tiffany_Marion_Straton_James_Lake  DSC_4715-Susan_Nigro_Douglas_Kiddie_Sunny_Hayward

DSC_4720-Anne_Hall_Elser_Walter_Bottger    DSC_4762--Jessica_McShane_Max_Sinsteden_Jean_Doyen_de_Montaillou_Michael_Kovner_Edward_Johnston.jpg    DSC_4740-Judy_Bliss_Rick_Perkins

Photos From Past Founders' Day Celebrations